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IPCOS makes strategic move to the Middle East
September 19th 2011

IPCOS has been active in the Middle East market for many years, providing expert consultancy services in the Advanced Process Control and Intelligent Operations fields. In order to better serve our Middle East market, IPCOS has now established a permanent presence in Abu Dhabi. From the 1st of September 2011, IPCOS and Golden Falcon Petroleum Services will work together in the UAE and other Middle East markets to service customer requests for the growing consultancy services demand. IPCOS will have a permanent office in Abu Dhabi. IPCOS will also be actively marketing its Intelligent Operations solution for the upstream market.

 “IPCOS made this strategic move because we believe in strong customer relationships and we understand the cultural nuances of the Middle East market. IPCOS’s local presence in the Middle East will further strengthen its relationship with existing customers and will build trust with new customers” said Peter Van Overschee, CEO of IPCOS. “We are very pleased that IPCOS has decided to make a permanent move to the Middle East, this further strengthens our long term relationship with IPCOS” said Ahmed Gebaly, General Manager of Golden Falcon Petroleum Services.

The Abu Dhabi office will be the fifth permanent office for IPCOS, in addition to existing offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, UK and India.

IPCOS specialises in providing software implementation products and services for the fast deployment of Advanced Process Control (APC) and real-time optimisation applications in the oil, gas and chemicals industries. These include APC, process operations analysis, benefit studies, application maintenance and APC training services. The IPCOS team has significant experience managing large, complex projects and satisfying multiple stakeholders. IPCOS also develop and license the INCA suite of software products. IPCOS has a strong history in providing expert consultancy and bespoke solutions for the upstream market. The services and solutions provided by IPCOS to upstream clients have resulted in improved oil recovery.

About Golden Falcon Petroleum Services (GFPS)
GFPS is one of UAE’s leading integrated services company. GFPS is engaged in every aspect of the oil and gas industry, including Consultancy services, Multi Discipline Trading, Manpower Supply, Geological Survey, Safety Equipments, supplies & Services to Petrochemical Plants, Power Industry, and Major Public & Private Companies in the UAE. GFPS prides itself in offering only certifiable top grade products & services to the companies in the UAE, including Oil & Gas Conglomerates. GFPS Company’s goal is to be the most reliable and credible source for various products, services and solutions in the United Arab Emirates.

IPCOS has contributed to the success of many leading plants worldwide. IPCOS nv is headquartered in Belgium. For further details visit or contact us at Golden Falcon Petroleum Services is based in Abu Dhabi, for details visit or contact

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