Architectural Lighting Colomn


  • Plectre Cone light
  • Plectre Bollards

Discretion has a name. Plectre. The slightly rounded curves of the triangular column add ambience to any cityscape with the perfect combination of strong character and subtle elegance. The sleek lines of the anodized extrude aluminum construction are equally intriguing in columns ranging from 4 to 8 m and in the various bollards that come with a cornucopia of visionary lighting options. Let the light shine from integrated LED luminaires or lit up the top part of the column to create a completely different feeling. The Plectre range is also available with a bracket with integrated LEDs for streetlight, beautifully complementing the slender shape of the column. Plectre is designed by architect Bjarne Frost, Bjarne Frost Design Office.

Alfred Priess is our Partner for Soalr street lightning in UAE.

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