Automation - Wonderware

Following products are well-known in Teqnovation with dedicated focus on faster engineering by using custom-made automation tools, smarts in the solution architecture and intelligent coding in the software itself. All our engineers are Wonderware certified in these software’s and have the skills to consult, design, deliver and support this software.

As TeQnovation we understand the success and failure of Wonderware projects at an early stage. In most of our projects, TeQnovation assists you in defining these successes and failures before the implementation of the actual systems. It is important to understand that accurately capturing the needs of the business and developing a proper roadmap and strategy that will suits your needs is the most important part of a successful Wonderware project.

All the people in TeQnovation acquired multiple years of experience in consultancy on Wonderware projects, moreover, by having the necessary technical knowhow and expertise in large projects around the globe with national and international companies.

This deep dive knowledge will make the formation of a proper deployment roadmap a success and will highlight the pitfalls for you prior even starting the endeavor of your Wonderware project.

To assist our clients from start to finish on their endeavor, TeQnovation covers multiple aspects of a Wonderware implementation project, from solution architecture to technology definition, automated engineering practices and most important of all, proper training for our clients.

Our partner for this service is TeQnovation

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