Engineering Support Services

Golden Falcon Technical Services delivers high quality engineering support solutions to leaders in the oil and gas, chemical, process, pharmaceutical, nuclear, and water/ wastewater industries. We offer multidisciplinary engineering support services including engineering and stress analysis, design and detailing, 3D modeling, as-building, design validity checks, model conversion, data conversion, and information management for operation and maintenance.

Golden Falcon Technical Services lets you shape a solution to deliver the highest quality and value to your organization. Our experience and solutions offer the following benefits:

  • In-depth understanding of engineering and design activities.
  • Years of experience using industry standard software such as Intergraph SmartPlant, Bentley AutoPLANT, Aveva PDMS, AutoCAD, MicroStation Caesar, AutoPipe, Tekla, and STAAD.
  • Experience with industry standards and specifications in oil and gas, process, power, petrochemical, and offshore engineering.
  • Proven project management methodology and quality assurance program, backed by documented ISO 9001:2008 compliant processes and procedures.
  • Commitment to customer communication and satisfaction, with project status data available on demand and in real time.
  • Knowledgeable resources for all engineering disciplines.
  • Capacity to provide supplemental information technology services.

Design and Detailed Engineering

Our services include design and detail engineering, pre-bid engineering support, procurement support, construction support (related to detail engineering), and as-built engineering. Golden Falcon Technical Services offers a complete multi-disciplinary engineering solution utilizing advanced software for FEM analysis, design, detailing, plant 3D modeling, and drafting.

Having worked for both large and medium sized domestic and off shore clients, our team has gained broad international experience. Our clients include owner operators, EPC contractors, fabricators, construction contractors package vendors, process licensors, engineering software development companies, and industrial automation firms.

Golden Falcon Technical Services covers the complete spectrum of piping, mechanical, civil and structural, electrical, instrumentation, and process disciplines. We have distinguished ourselves in these areas by providing timely and quality detail engineering services with exhaustive domain knowledge.

Golden Falcon Technical Services has established the following disciplines:

  • PipingĀ 
  • Mechanical
  • Civil and Structural
  • Electrical
  • Instrumental
  • Process

Plant Design Automation

Golden Falcon Technical Services offers a complete range of plant design solutions and services for various industries, with a focus towards EPCs and owner/ operators in the process and power industries. As further detailed below, our services include creation of intelligent P&IDs using existing paper drawings or static CAD files; 3D modeling of equipment, piping, structures, instrumentation and other facilities using Plant Design Solutions (PDS) and Plant Design Management solutions (PDMS) software; and extraction of detailed construction drawings and documents.

As-Built Engineering

Golden Falcon Technical Services as-built services include:

  • As-built engineering from cloud point data
  • Site survey and redlining
  • Updating drawings as per red line markups
  • Creation of intelligent P&IDs
  • TEF integration
  • 2D drawing conversion
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