Consulting Technical Services

TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING SERVICES – Start the digital dialogue, and let technology transform your business.

Our application development consultants are experts across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms and devices mastering .Net, Swift, Java, and Cross-Platform development to name a few.

Software Engineering

Deep industry and technology expertise we offer will deliver innovative business solutions to address the key goals of your organization. Our model offers a robust, agile and modern approach for both new and existing applications across a variety of platforms and technologies.

Mobile Solutions

Building a native (Swift or Java) or cross platform (Phone Gap, Xamarin, JavaScript) mobile applications at the speed market is changing, will transform your organization to deliver more relevant and personalized user experiences to the right audience and increase your revenue potential. Transform your organization from Mobile ready to Mobile empowered.

Enterprise Applications

Maximize your initial investment by building a new or enhancing existing features for SAP, OpenText, IBM Maximo and Esri – ArgGIS enterprise applications. Even if this means optimizing or re-configuring existing modules, we can help you.

Cognitive Solutions

We develop intelligent solutions having built-in human like reasoning capabilities. We combine Machine Learning, NLP, and Advanced Analytics to create extraordinary products varying from Conversational Agents (ChatBot) to a Virtual Assistant. We can help you embrace the power of Cognitive science and build the products you think never possible before.

Social Data Mining

Unlock potential of hidden data, improve your organization core business, improve your decision making process and establish your brand credibility all with power of Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn APIs. Services we offer will add agility note to your organization, and keep you on top of the game of your business.

The Potential of Block Chain

Make Transactions More Secure

As a public ledger system, blockchain records and validate each and every transaction made, which makes it secure and reliable.

Transactions are made resilient to tempering

All the transactions made are authorized by miners, which makes the transactions immutable and prevent it from the threat of hacking.

Make your Transactions Free

Blockchain technology discards the need of any third-party or central authority for peer-to-peer transactions.. The Blockchain Technology is yet to prove it’s industry applications and organizations should approach it very carefully.

Our Partner for the above services Rationale Information Technology

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