Energy Components Services


Energy Components Services has been involved in the majority of Energy Components (EC) implementations globally. On average EC Services are running between 10 and 16 concurrent projects, and we have more than 50 assignments supporting our customers globally.

Since Energy Components initial development, the EC Services organization has worked in close collaboration with the product team to grow and improve the product. Together we have continually developed and refined best practices for implementing and supporting our customers using Energy Components. It’s through this joint effort that EC Services is able to steer and advance the product through the ongoing digitalization of the oil and gas industry and meet the market in a faster and more agile way.

Our mission is to support our Energy Components customer with professional, full lifecycle services, spanning from business consulting to IT support.

Overview of EC product suite

Deep industry knowledge with global reach

EC Services leverages the capabilities that Tieto provides as a global company with more than 13 000 employees and a wealth of experience of providing IT services worldwide. EC Services has 11 offices located in 10 countries (Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, two in Norway, Malaysia, India, United States, Russian Federation, Netherlands and Qatar) supporting our customers locally as well as the ability to provide offshored EC Services through our office in India.

You are welcome to contact us for a discussion on how we can support you.

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