Physical Acoustics/Acoustic Emission

Our Advanced NDT services offer value added inspection solutions using the latest inspection technology to identify anomalies, analyze their characteristics and aid plant personnel in operating decisions regarding the asset in question.


Acoustic Emission (AE) testing is a powerful method for examining the behavior of materials deforming under stress. Acoustic Emission may be defined as a transient elastic wave generated by the rapid release of energy within material. Materials “talk” when they are in trouble: with Acoustic Emission equipment you can “listen” to the sounds of cracks growing, fibers breaking and many other modes of active damage in the stressed material.


Through our Partners in NDT, MISTRAS Group we are recognized leader in delivering Advanced Proprietary Products, Systems and Services to the Oil & Gas industry. Our asset protection solutions enhance the ability of critical infrastructure to comply with safety and environmental regulations, extend their life, increase productivity, minimize repair cost, manage risk and most importantly, help avoid catastrophic disaster.

Advanced products, systems and services are used extensively in the Oil & Gas industry for a high degree of reliability, which supports improved safety, drives productivity, increases process availability and helps meet regulatory compliance standards. Our advanced technologies and techniques are utilized in Oil & Gas operations on the following critical assets to identify potential damage mechanisms:

  • Tanks
  • Vessel
  • Heart Exchangers and Condensers
  • Piping
  • Rotating Equipment


The VPAC™II is an acoustic emission instrument based on over 10 years of research. The VPAC™II can estimate the quantity of material leaking through the valve using the accompanying proprietary software. With hundreds of systems currently in use, the VPAC™II is the instrument of choice for through valve leak detection.

The user interface is simple and intuitive, and the unit retains all settings even when powered down. The instrument is powered by four rechargeable AA batteries which will last several weeks in typical use. Battery replacement and charging is quick and easy, so downtime is minimized.

The VPAC™II unit contains all the features you need to determine if valves are leaking, where they’re leaking, and at what rate they’re leaking. Features of the VPAC™II include:

  • Stores a reading, as well as upstream and downstream readings, for up to 100 valves at a time
  • Loads a complete testing route with valve names & physical properties from VPACwin™
  • Calculates Leak rates directly on the unit
  • Transfers all stored data to notebook or desktop PC with VPACwin™ software via a simple, wireless Bluetooth interface

When used on gas systems, the VPAC™II system is capable of detecting leaks as small as 1-liter per minute. This is because the sensor is virtually on top of the leak source and attenuation of the signal is not a factor. Counting for standard pressure and temperature (14.696 psia and 60° F), this corresponds to 2.12 SCF per hour.

Our Partners for NDT – Mistras Group

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